Bible Study

Ordinary People

The New testament is full of ordinary people. It is true that we can trace major characters through chapter after chapter: Peter, Paul, James, John and, of course, Jesus.

However, surrounding these major characters are a number of ordinary people: Thomas, one of Christ's lesser disciples whose questions led him to faith; Philemon, who had to decide what to do with a runaway slave who had run away and got religion; Priscilla and Aquila, who opened their home to travelling missionaries.  There are many others.

You are invited to a gentle discussion of some of these ordinary people in the New Testament. The dates are as follows:

1st Sept - Anna & Simeon

15th Sept - An unnamed woman

29th Sept - Priscilla & Aquila

13th Oct - Philemon

27th Oct - Gathering Together

All these sessions will take place at 7.30pm in the small chapel.

Rev Keith Hulse


St John's United Reformed Church

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