What is WODAC?

WODAC - Warrington Open Door At Christmas - first opened  in 1991 in response

to the increased concerns and awareness of the rise in homelessness

and isolation in Warrington, especially over Christmas.

WODAC is run completely by volunteers who help offer refreshments, meals and
companionship to those that need it. It aims to provide safe shelter, food and

companionship to people who are homeless, lonely and vulnerable over the Christmas period - in addition to supporting complementary organisations throughout the year in the Warrington area.

WODAC does this through supplying a hot meal, drinks and snacks, offering warm clothing (generosity donated by supporters) and providing support and companionship throughout the day. WODAC also has some wonderful craft workshops and even have hairdressers, chiropodists and beauticians giving up their time to make our guests feel that little bit more special.

Where can you find WODAC? 

It will be at St John's United Reformed Church Hall on Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington. (WODAC is also online - www.wodac.org.uk)

When is it happening?

WODAC will be open from 25th December to 1st January inclusive.  Contact 07933 029976 for more information.

What can I do? 

There are many ways in which you can help or volunteer, even if it’s just for a day or two. You can do this via WODAC's website at www.wodac.org.uk/volunteer - there are plenty of options on there for you to choose from.


Are you an entertainer? Do you have a few hours over Christmas to entertain our guests? Perhaps you are a hairdresser, nail technician or similar who can make them feel special, we’d love to hear from you if you can.


Alternatively, if you just don’t have the time, we all know how busy Christmas can be, then a donation of food or clothing would be just as helpful. We have various drop off points or we may be able to arrange picking your donation up from you. We could really use any of the following:

Pasta - Cup a soups - Pot Noodles
Super Noodles
Small packets of biscuits - Cereal bars
Bottles of water
Individual fresh fruit juices
Small bars of chocolate
Tinned fish
Beans - spaghetti - ring pull please
Sugar - Coffee - Tea
Packet or ring pull Soup
Peanut Butter
Sandwich spreads - meat paste
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Warm clothing
Hats - Gloves - Socks - Scarves
At the moment please be aware that we cannot accept anything containing alcohol or children's clothing or toys. No razors please

Can YOU help WODAC?