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Getting married at St John's

Weddings at St John's are always unique, because we recognise that every couple is


St John's is a special place - not simply because of the old building and the small but

attractive garden, but because we will do everything we can to make your service is really

special. We understand that your wedding is one of the most important moments in your

life and that every wedding is different, so we go the extra mile to ensure that your

wedding service is everything you want it to be.

We want to demonstrate God's love through our inclusive approach and our welcome.

Below are answers to questions frequently asked about getting married in our church.

Can we get married at St John's?

St John's is a registered venue for the legal solemnization of marriages, and we welcome enquiries from couples who are thinking about getting married in the church. It doesn't matter whether you live in the area or not, we're happy to talk to you about getting married here.

What if I've been married before?

Here at St John's we see no reason why a previous marriage should prevent you from being married again.

Our faith teaches us that whatever might have gone wrong for us in the past, there is always the

opportunity for a new beginning.

What if we're a same-sex couple?

St John's was the first church in Mersey Synod to vote to conduct same-sex weddings. We are always

pleased to welcome marriage enquiries from couples of the same sex. 

Can you help me choose the order of service, hymns and music?

Yes!  While we are happy for you to have as much input as possible into your wedding service, we can 

offer help with choosing hymns and music if you wish.

Can I choose my own readings, and do they all have to be from the Bible?
Yes, of course you can. And no, not every reading has to be taken from the Bible. You will be able to

advise the minister conducting your wedding of your wishes. While we understand weddings to be a

spiritual act, we hope to enable couples to express it in their own ways.

What else do I need to know? 

As well as the church arrangements, you will need to make arrangements with the local

Registrar to obtain the necessary certificates of authority for marriage. 


Who do I talk to about getting married at St John's?

Initial enquiries should be made to our minister Rev Jenny Travis, contact us on 

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